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Friday, 4 December 2015

Nigerian Man Preaching In A London Bus Faces The Wrath Of Fellow Passengers

In Nigeria it is common for anyone to begin preaching in a commercial transport vehicle, especially in buses where such a person knows it will be inevitable that people will at least hear what is being said. Many of these itinerant or emergency 'preachers' end up asking for "something to support this young ministry," which, of course, is money. Many people give money in order not to be seen as being anti-christian, and unscrupulous persons have expectedly taken advantage of this to con users of public transportation out of lots of money.
While living in Nigeria, I have often frustrated such moves when I just wanted to be mischievous, and this sometimes pitched me against my fellow passengers and occasionally, the driver of the vehicle. Well, it so happened that a Nigerian man in London (it is reported that nearly a million persons with Nigerian roots  live in London) thought he could bring the practice of "evangelizing" in a bus to London and he got the shock of his life when the driver of the bus actually stopped the bus and refused to continue the journey until the man left the bus. This expectedly drew the ire of some of his fellow passengers who told him to exit the bus or they would call the police. The man defended himself by saying that he had "never injured any man" but that he was "preaching the word of life."
To begin with, this man was not even sorry for what he did. He was completely insensitive to the feelings of his fellow passengers most of whom would have had a hard day at work and were only thinking about going to their various homes. He most definitely injured their feelings contrary to his own words. Frankly, I do not know what else to say about this. Please leave your comments below about how you think this nincompoop should have been dealt with.

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