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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Nigerian Preacher Claims He Foresaw Politician's Demise

Apostle John Suleiman (above) who heads the Omega Fire Ministries based in Auchi, Edo state, Nigeria, has claimed that he foresaw the death of Audu Abubakar. Mr Abubakar died on November 22 shortly after the results of the Kogi state gubernatorial elections held the previous day, in which he was a candidate, was declared inconclusive by the electoral commission. He was governor from 1999 to 2003 and was the focus of an investigation for stealing up to 11 billion Naira ($54.63 million) while in office.
Mr Suleiman, just like his fellow charlatan, pastor Enoch Adeboye, released his list of prophecies for 2015 which can be found here; and just like Adeboye's, it belongs in the crapper. I have ceased to wonder why their churches still throng with people desperately seeking miracles and solutions to all sorts of problems. I guess Nigerians never learn.
Mr Suleiman actually just said that a popular politician could die in the middle of an election. He did not give any details of the election, and neither did he give the cause of death. He was only saying something that was very likely to happen. It is not uncommon for politicians in Nigeria to die in the middle of elections. Political assassinations, most of which remain unsolved, are commonplace, and many of the politicians suffer chronic illnesses which they hide from the public until it is too late. Former president Umaru Musa Yar'adua, due to the strain of office, exacerbated a purported chronic kidney condition which eventually led to his death after a prolonged coma. He had, during the run up to the presidential elections of 2007 that brought him into power, denied being chronically ill, even after he had collapsed during one of his campaign trips and had to be rushed abroad for medical attention.
I have previously mentioned that these Nigerian preachers, especially, who claim to have the gift of prophecy such as TB Joshua and Enoch Adeboye, are no different to psychics and those who claim they have the ability to commune with the dead. They are all con artists.

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