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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Group Urges Nigerians To Learn From The Birth Of Jesus

The Democrat, a nondescript socio-political group, has called on Nigeria's leaders to emulate the virtues of humility, selflessness, love, compassion, and peace which the birth of Jesus teaches. This absurd admonition follows more than two weeks of calls for prayers for Nigeria by prosperity preachers and political figures.
It is beginning to look like everyone who should see to Nigeria's well being has given up and are now passing the buck to god. The most painful part of this buck-passing is that no one has stood up to accept responsibility for Nigeria's present precarious position. Even former president Goodluck Jonathan, who oversaw perhaps the most corrupt presidency in Nigeria's history, added his voice to those asking Nigerians to pray for their country.
The Democrat would do well to let us know how Nigeria's leaders can emulate humility, selflessness, love, compassion and peace from the birth of Jesus. The story of the birth of a boy, who came to die to save the world from sin, by a virgin in a stable is definitely not a story to inspire the qualities listed by this group. This obscure group is simply pandering to the religiosity of Nigeria's gullible masses, and they join the countless voices that have already called for divine intervention, in one form or another, into Nigeria's overwhelming problems. Overwhelming, that is, for the present crop of leaders whose only ambition is not to be outdone in the stealing of public funds their predecessors.
It was recently revealed that 2.2 billion Naira (nearly $11 million) was spent by the embattled national security adviser, Col Sambo Dasuki, under Jonathan on "spiritual prayers." They are now letting us know that those who were paid to pray for Nigeria did not succeed, and they have resorted to requesting for 'free' prayers from Nigerians. I am only assuming that the prayers that were paid for were for Nigeria (and also kicking myself for being in the wrong profession). Nigeria certainly needs leaders with the virtues listed above, and the story of the birth of Jesus cannot, by any means, bestow them on any leader.

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