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Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Even More Calls For Prayers And Trust In God As Pastor "Prepares The Saints For Christ"

The season for prayers and trusting God to solve Nigeria's problems is still going strong with another pastor jumping on the 'pray for Nigeria' bandwagon. Pastor William F Kumuyi who oversees the affairs of his Deeper Christian Life Ministry, one of Nigeria's mega christian ministries, as its 'general superintendent' was formally announcing the start of their annual December retreat tagged 'Readiness for Christ's Return'. A statement by him read in part:
"At this time, we must emphasize, once again, the need for people to think beyond their existence here; we want them to know that there is a place far better than this present world. Whatever anyone may be enjoying here cannot be compared to what God has prepared for those who love Him in Heaven. Whether we eat or drink, we must, always, be conscious of the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ."
Mr Kumuyi is popular for his focus on living a holy life and emulating Christ, rather than the prosperity gospel most of Nigeria's prominent christian clerics have become synonymous with. Mr Kumuyi urged Nigerians, and potential participants specifically, not to be apprehensive about the coming year, but to instead place their absolute trust in God, and expect divine intervention in their lives.
Mr Kumuyi may not be deceiving his congregation with the prosperity gospel, but he sure is deceiving them with the promise of eternal life. Even among Nigerian christians, those who attend Mr Kumuyi's church are regarded as a bit weird. The women cover their hair most of the time, and mandatorily in church, they wear loose fitting dresses and skirts, which must be nearer the ankles than the knees, in order not to show off any body features that may cause men to lust after them, and their blouses/tops always cover their necks. Women are thus seen as walking objects of sexual temptation, and men are regarded as rabid lustful beings who cannot help but ogle at every (desirable) woman. This is of course in keeping with the tenets of the bible that every human being is conceived in sin and are unable to, on our own, remove its stain except by accepting Christ who died on the cross and shed his "precious blood" which is the only thing that can wash away humanity's sin. The price for accepting Christ and living a holy life of christian rectitude is of course an eternity in paradise/heaven, while those who do not accept this (including peoples of other religions and us heathens, and even certain christian sects) are bound for that same eternity - in hell fire.
The promise of an afterlife may have been humanity's answer to death's deadly sting, but today it has been recognized as a scam that has been going on for centuries, and one which can no longer be entertained. Many christians whom I have spoken with have told me that there is nothing wrong with believing in an afterlife, especially one that will be spent in heaven, and that even if it turns out to be false (which I still maintain that it is) then I would have lost nothing, and also lived a moral life here on earth. Well, I do not believe in an afterlife and will not live my life on the off chance that there may be one; I also have a basis for my own morality that is not based on the bible or any other scripture, and I will enjoy this one life of which I am 100 per cent certain, thank you.

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