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Friday, 11 December 2015

Charlatan Nigerian Pastor Recommends Turning To God As The only Way To Restore Nigeria's Lost Glory

David Oyedepo, whom I wrote about here just two days ago for recommending prayers as the solution to the challenges facing Nigeria has now said that turning to God will restore Nigeria's lost glory. He was speaking at 'Shiloh 2015', the annual convention of his Living Faith Church which is streamed live online.
As usual, I will cut to the chase: Nigeria never had any glory. Nigeria only had so much potential that was squandered by every successive regime which had promised to fix the problems it met. Today, all that potential is gone. Nigeria is now a shell, and Oyedepo and his ilk, along with Nigeria's rapacious political class continue to squeeze out as much as they still can from this empty shell. Oyedepo claims to be well versed in the prosperity gospel and routinely boasts about his wealth and how he can never be poor again.
Here are some of what he said about the restoration of Nigeria's lost glory:
"Nigeria will experience greatness because every nation that hosts the ark of God is richly blessed for it.
Every move of God moves the nation forward; engaging with the revival will settle all forms of menace.
Nigeria will become one of the most peaceful nations on earth from this great platform. Wherever revival goes, goes civilization; every country that accommodates a revival changes level. This will bring solution and rest to the earth."
It is such doublespeak that characterize the words of these prosperity preachers. Such verbosities usually make their gullible congregants believe that these men (and women) are extremely knowledgable about the bible, and these prosperity preachers usually give their own interpretations of specific verses of the bible, particularly those about giving and paying one's tithes. They continue to ask for money from participants at these conventions which easily draw millions of attendees.
Nigeria, which Mr Oyedepo is asking his congregation to pray for is embroiled in a $2.1 billion scandal involving the former National Security Adviser, Ibrahim Dasuki. This money was meant for the prosecution of the war against the Boko Haram terrorists, but the money was diverted and distributed to several party loyalists, some of whom are now being questioned by the authorities, while Nigerian soldiers were sent into battle with the terrorists without bullets and adequate provision for their welfare. Mr Oyedepo was an avowed supporter of immediate past president, Goodluck Jonathan, under whose watch Mr Dasuki stole $2.1 billion. This is the same man who is telling Nigerians to turn to God, a man whose conscience has been seared by his inordinate love of money.

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