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Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Bible Falls Apart

Atheism is not a religion. It is simply a rejection of the belief in any and all deities. If we are to start from the 'creation' according to the bible, then we will be made to believe that mankind came into existence a mere 6000, or so, years ago. This does not hold true for many reasons, and for me, the one that I think is the most glaring evidence that we have been here for much longer is the fact that we could not have grown to a population of over 7 billion in just 6000 years. Even if every human being born  since Adam and Eve started having children was still alive today, and you can do the math for yourself, we still would not total over 7 billion.
Another point I have observed is in the method of populating the world. If Adam and Eve were the first man and woman on earth, it means that for them to be grandparents, their children had to take each other as reproductive partners. Genesis 4:17 stated simply that Cain knew, or made love, to his wife and she became pregnant. Where did he meet her? Did god (not God, I will not capitalize) create other persons elsewhere? I posit that that woman who bore Cain a son was his sister. This can be the only logical explanation. It then brings up the question of why incest was permitted then and not now. One very enthusiastic interlocutor of mine suggested that incest was permissible then to populate the world! When I asked her at what point incest stopped being acceptable, she had no answer. Maybe there was a threshold population after which god finally outlawed incest!
Mankind has always sought to improve the quality life and make living as easy and stress free as possible. This desire to better their living conditions and environment began painfully slowly at first, but today, it has exploded into an exponentially multiplying, multi faceted endeavour. There have been mind boggling advances in medicine, physics, computing and information technology, forages into deep space and other fields of science and the arts. Science thrives on being harshly critical of its methods and findings and continually strives to improve. It subjects itself to continued and rigorous testing.  Religion thrives on the exact opposite; it frowns upon any form of opposition or resistance and seeks to propagate dogma unchallenged.
Christianity seeks to promote its god as an unchanging god. Let us not forget that this same god approved of incest in a bid to fulfil his order to the first couple to populate the earth, but outlawed it somewhere along the line. So much for an unchanging god!
The story of the flood purportedly happened about 2000 years after the first man and woman were created, which means that from just the 8 survivors, the world population has grown to what it is today. This creates even more problems for the creationists. It is time christians especially began reading their bibles and picking out the countless contradictions, bizarre laws and other nasties it contains, and subject them to the strictest of scrutiny. I reckon than the bible will fall apart with a little prodding.
I do not intend to be exhaustive with pointing out the many inconsistencies with the creation story, I just want to create a spark, like ancient scientists such as Isaac Newton did, which has led to the uncontrollable conflagration that is the world of scientific and technological advancement today. I hope that spark becomess an unquenchable fire of inquiry into, and questions for the dogma of christianity, and religion in general.