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Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Spacecrafts And Witchcraft

Picture Jesus ascending into heaven; he walks away from his disciples, slowly levitates into the air until he exits earth and into space. And then...; well, there could be a few scenarios here. He may have boarded a spacecraft that could have been waiting to take him straight to heaven. He could have continued floating through space until he got to heaven, meaning he could still be on his way, depending on how far heaven is. Little wonder then that he is yet to come back! If he got to heaven this way, he may still be resting and it would be a while before he thinks about his second coming. So fear ye not sinners, the second coming is still a long while away!
You may have heard about New Horizons, the interplanetary space probe that began its trip to Pluto on January 19 2006, and got there on July 14 2015. It has sent back some stunning pictures of Pluto which has engaged the interest of space aficionados worldwide. One can only begin to marvel at the enormity of this project and the vast resources that was invested to make this all possible. Religious people worldwide would undoubtedly have heard about the success of New Horizons and I wonder if the christians among them would have given any thought to the similarities between Jesus' ascension to heaven and the New Horizons' journey to Pluto.
We were not told that Jesus sped up into the clouds, unlike Elijah (2 Kings 2:11, NIV) who was described as having gone up in a whirlwind in a horse-drawn chariot of fire. Speeds of up to 70mph have been reported for tornadoes whose average speeds are about 30mph. This would mean that Jesus was levitating at less than that speed, presumably, since it was described in Luke 24:51 that "he left them and was taken up into heaven", while Mark 16:19 said simply that "he was taken up into heaven." Since we all know that the deepest of space exploration has not uncovered any physical heaven, it would be safe to assume that Jesus may not even have reached there, if we are to go by the facts that are available to us today. The speed of light is 186000 miles per second (nearly 300000 km/s). At this speed, it takes the light from the sun 8 minutes and 17 seconds to get to earth, a distance of 150 million kilometres. It would take 100000 years to traverse the Milky Way galaxy, travelling at the speed of light. So, except Jesus was travelling at the speed of light, and heaven is located within our galaxy, he may yet not have reached heaven, assuming he died just 2000 years ago. I therefore propose that if Jesus did exist, and ascended into the clouds as was written in the bible, then he has not reached heaven because even if he was travelling at the speed of light, he will not have traversed the Milky Way galaxy, let alone gotten to heaven. Because I know for sure that heaven is not in the Milky Way galaxy. Those who would say that heaven is a spiritual location and not a physical one should not forget that there have been numerous claims of visits to heaven by believers. For me, this makes it a physical location. So where is it?  Also, if heaven were as real as those who claimed to have been there have recounted, why do they not all say exactly the same thing?
In fairy tales told to children in the West, witches fly using broomsticks; in Africa these are not folk tales. These children are told that there are actual people, especially old women, who are witches with the ability to turn into birds or bats at night to fly to their covens for meetings. These witches are also said to have the power to physically harm and even kill anyone they do not like or who has offended them. Witches are thus to be avoided at all costs. Helen Ukpabio is a well known Nigerian evangelist and self styled witch hunter. Her abuse of young children whom she labels witches is well documented, and I shall write about her in detail soon.
While the world is advancing daily in every worthwhile human endeavour, religious people all over the world are being force fed the beliefs of ancient men whose appalling legacy of viewing women as inferior to men still haunts us to this day. While others are exploring the deepest reaches of space, the religious are building monuments to imaginary deities who are no more alive than the buildings and statues that are built and sculpted in their honour.