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Monday, 27 July 2015

A childhood friend of mine told me a story  about his aunt who lives in the UK. She was a deaconess at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, and a devout member of the church who prayed at every opportunity. It was her 'prayerfulness' that was responsible for his reluctance to visit her, despite her regular entreaties. He finally succumbed and went to see her, more because he wanted to eat Nigerian food, than actually for her company. As each prayer opportunity, during the visit, came and went, my friend became increasingly apprehensive about his aunty's religious loyalties. His curiosity got the better of him as she was walking him to the bus stop at the end of his visit, and he asked her why she had not said a single word of prayer all the while he was at her home, which was totally out of character. She looked at him and asked him, "why should I pray?" She lived in a decent area, and she highlighted the fact that utilities and emergency services were reliable, there was world class healthcare which she enjoyed as she was diabetic, and a host of other existential differences between Nigeria and the UK. My friend, to say the least, was stunned beyond belief but he managed to conceal it.
I remembered this story because a few days into this year, he (my friend) drew my attention to pastor Adeboye's prophecy for the year 2015. A cursory look at these 'prophecies' will show that they are nothing but generalizations which anyone who is conversant with world affairs and politics could easily project. It is not surprising that Mr Adeboye's prophecies were accepted without question by his congregation, since it is characteristic of the religious to accept, without question or scrutiny, anything that is said by those in authority since they are believed to be inspired by the divine.
The silence of RCCG members in the face of occurences like this is the fuel these so called men of God need to continue to deceive millions of Nigerians, strike fear into their minds, and empty their pockets. During Sunday service, it is not uncommon to hear whoever is standing on the pulpit calling down blessings upon congregants' marriages, jobs, businesses, finances, education, health and families, all to resounding "amens" and "hallelujahs". The truth is that if one does not work hard at a his job or studies, the sack, and failure, respectively await. Poor business decisions and financial recklessness will lead to bankruptcy, and neglecting one's family will invariably end in divorce and break up of that family. In other words, we simply have to put commitment, effort, time and work into those things that we hold dear in other to get the best out of them. The completely ineffective words of a charlatan will not spread fairy dust and magically restore a broken home, or revive a dying business.