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Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Bombing Brussels


As soon as I heard about the Belgium bombings on the news yesterday, I immediately said to myself that ISIS was going to take credit for the attacks, which they soon did. Just like after the recent Paris attacks, to which the carnage in Brussels is apparently closely linked, politicians and world leaders have all weighed in with their rhetorics, glaringly ignoring the real problem here: islam.

On one hand, one can regard ISIS as a 100 per cent terror organization using islam as a cover for its barbarism, and on the other hand, they can be seen as muslims who are simply following the tenets of their religion. However one looks at it, the culpability of islam cannot be ignored. Even with the argument that ISIS is only exploiting the parts of the koran that approve of their actions, the fact remains that the koran, islam's 'holy' scripture, purportedly written by their god, contains justification for virtually all their actions. Their fellow muslims, who, luckily for us, choose to ignore most of the vilest parts of the koran, have argued themselves sore trying to convince us that these terrorists are not muslims, and that their terrorism is unislamic.

The term "fundamentalist" has also been used to describe members of ISIS and other islamist terror groups. Ignoring the fact that these organizations want to establish, on a global scale, a polity governed by sharia law will not help the "fight against terror". There are at least 1.6 billion persons who call themselves muslims, and no matter their sect, they all believe the koran is the word of Allah, their god. It is time to begin to seriously consider labelling islam as a credible threat not only to world peace and security, but also to the very existence of humanity. While we may still be in the dark about what wiped out the dinosaurs, we are, right now, staring at the very thing that could (and may very well) wipe human beings off the face of the planet.

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