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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Boko Haram Bombs Yet Another Mosque, May Be Helping Muslims Rethink Their Religion

Earlier today, in Umurari village, five kilometres from Maiduguri, the capital of Borno State in north east Nigeria, two female suicide bombers detonated bombs in a mosque. At least 17 persons were injured, and 22 died. The mosque was attacked at about 5:30am Nigerian time while worshippers were getting together for the morning prayers.

I had once suggested that muslims, especially those in the regions where Boko Haram still holds sway, stopped gathering for prayers; not that they were going to ever read that post, or heed my suggestion if they did. Boko Haram claims its mandate is to establish islamic (sharia) law in Nigeria, but since the Nigerian armed forces have intensified their campaign to expunge the terrorists from their strongholds, they have been desperately fighting back. The cowardly attacks on defenceless and vulnerable fellow muslims may just be the tonic needed to make the muslims in these areas rethink their faith. Considering that the majority of those who happen to inhabit the strongholds of the terror group are illiterate, it would be hard to make them see that the same folks who are bombing their mosques are not only terrorists, but also fellow muslims. Local imams and religious leaders and scholars will be quick to pounce on their ignorance to feed them the oft-quoted mantra that those who commit such violence in the name of islam or their god, Allah, are not real muslims.

I noted yesterday that the Boko Haram insurgents are in fact following the teachings of the koran to the letter with their senseless and wanton acts of carnage and violence. They are bombing mosques because they want to send a message to the Nigerian state about their intent to enthrone sharia law across the nation. They consider the so called 'moderate' muslims, who label them as 'extremists' not to be true muslims. If you are not for them, then you are against them, and attacking your place of worship, where they are guaranteed many casualties, even if it happens to be a mosque is therefore justifiable and in line with their ultimate goal.

Muslims all over the world should begin to realise that they can no longer ignore the numerous edicts in the koran and the hadith calling for the death of infidels and apostates, imposing a tax on non-muslims, and the outright discrimination against women. Those who commit terrible atrocities in the name of the muslim god do so because it is explicitly outlined in the koran. Many muslims find the koran disturbing, but leaving the religion may mean losing one's life, and for many, they would rather don the toga of deceit and call themselves (moderate or conservative) muslims, than risk losing their social standing, livelihoods, privileges and even lives.

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