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Monday, 9 November 2015

TB Joshua To Face Trial As Federal High Court Throws Out His Suit Challenging Coroner's Court Findings

Mr Temitope Balogun Joshua, the self styled prophet whose illegal building collapsed and killed over 100 persons, will be getting ready for a date with the courts to face trial for complicity and negligence in the building collapse, and possibly murder.
He had filed a suit challenging the findings of the Lagos state coroner's court which had indicted him and the engineers supervising the construction of the ill-fated guesthouse. Mr Joshua had hired some of the best lawyers in the land to frustrate the inquest and justify his absence at the hearing, which he was supposed to attend as a very important witness. His shenanigans have all come to naught as a federal high court, earlier today threw out his bogus suit and decided he had a case to answer.
The only fear that I have is that Mr Joshua's antics will continue into the trial, and delay, or even deny justice to the victims of the collapse of his illegal building. Being a well connected bible thumper, within and outside the shores of Nigeria, it may be too early to celebrate. Mr Joshua has hardly appeared in public since news broke of his acquisition of a private jet about 6 months ago. He could use the excuse of cruising around the world in luxury (to spread the word of God of course) to continue to stall his trial. None of the families of the victims have come out to demand justice for their relatives as a result of the negligence of Mr Joshua and his engineers. This is not surprising since they may be afraid of divine repercussions if they openly antagonize 'a man of God'.
Mr Joshua is certainly enjoying the 'perks' of his position; and Nigeria's dodgy judicial system may aid his quest to avoid prosecution and, even worse, justice.

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